February 12, 2009

New Photos

Some of the Final Edits from my Shoot with Doug

Still more to come,
and the rest are the booty poppin' shots!

February 4, 2009

Some sexy just in time for Vday!


Last night I finally shot with Doug, and it was a long time coming - as we've been wanting to work with each other for over a year now, yet due to scheduling - hadn't!

We only shot two looks, yet plan to shoot more in the future - he is known in Toronto for his body work, as he shoots women's figures beautifully!! (take a look for yourself, dougshimizu.com)

Doug surprised me with a 4ft poster of myself, and this is all I have to show you guy's until next week.


January 27, 2009

I'm Sprung for Spring

While walking to school this morning, prepared for the harsh wind with my scarf covering half my face, and gloves tucked strategically into my coat - I realized I didn't feel the routine kiss of cold death as I do each and every morning.

The sun was out, the snow was melted from the sidewalk, the wind was subtle - if not existing at all, and people were smiling for the first time, instead of ducking their heads in an attempt to doge the wind. . it was BEAUTIFUL!

It conjured up a vision in my mind of what was coming, and what to anticipate - and like the whimisical photos below (taken by the talented Toronto based photographer - Kendra Rae), thoughts of Spring are dancing all in my head.

For more of Kendra's work, visit her site here

January 26, 2009

Le Malek Lookbook


I had the pleasure of taking part in the launch of a line hailing from Toronto, which I see having great success in the near future.

The designers are the sweetest, most involved fashonista's I've ever worked with, and I'm greatful to have had the opportunity to work with them!

Lookbook will be out before you know it, and more things to come from this brand - keep your eyes peeled!

January 24, 2009

Dereon - Spring 09'

Yay, they choose one of my favorite song's to play - "Hello"

January 22, 2009

I Sat On Twitter


Follow me!

Ps - My professor of all people introduced me to twittervision.com, and it's a new obsession

I love it when girls look coked out


No - he didn't say that, but I did - while going through some random Asian Vogue's I found in my spot, inevitably coming across some old Sisely campaigns . .

Big Air in the Big Apple

Redbull's Skyscraper's

Jeff Regis Is Building a Nine-Story Snowboard Jump in Downtown Manhattan - that's fucking dope!

"On February 15, Red Bull will introduce Snowscrapers, a snowboarding competition and nine-story ski jump to Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The massive undertaking requires a month’s worth of construction and snow blowing, and once the $100,000 in prize money is handed out, the jump will be reconfigured into a ski hill for city kids to use for the duration of the winter."

The photo of the hill's skeleton was taken only a few days ago, and it will transform into a heavenly white slope within only a few weeks.

See video below for more on the ramp, and visit the official website here for a list of rider's and times - I'd totally go if I was in NY!

January 13, 2009

Close your fucking mouth


It's the most sensual thing you can do with another person - yeah that's right, do like Jermain Stewart, "We don't have to take our clothes off, to have a good time - Oh noo"

Kissing should be enjoyable by both parties, and one shouldn't feel as though they need to make a quick dash out the window before the other makes as second attempt at a lip lock.

What upsets me, is when grown men don't know how to kiss.

I have encountered this hopefully endangered species - where they would come at me, with their mouth fully open, and tongue ready to attack like a venomous snake . . GROWN MEN! Men who have kissed many female throughout the years - so why has no one said anything? Do some of you ladies like this?

Surely him slobbering all over you, seemingly missing your face entirely isn't appealing to you?

So ladies, next time you encounter a man who kisses like he's fresh out of elementary school - do me a favor and teach him how to kiss, so I won't have to later down the road - & we will all do our part in the extiniction of the Open Mouthed Lover